Friday 21 August 2009

Tekst (lyrics) "One Heart" — Hessel & Tess in Terschelling

Lyrics "One Heart" song (video "One Heart" — Hessel & Tess in Terschelling)

Make any wish I will make it come true
if you wanna make a million I will tell you what to do
and if you wanna move the Everest To the U.S. of A.
I will buy you a shovel and start digging today.

You can give me your cup
I will fill it again a finishing touch
change your water into wine
now you just tell me what to touch
and I’ll turn it to gold
but I can’t change your heart
just can’t reach your soul.

One Heart is not enough.
One heart doesn’t make one love.
Give me your heart baby.
Can’t you see.
All you give now.
Is nothing to me.

I’ve been searching for gold
and struck so many veins
and I got to the core time and time again
but I can’t synchronize your heartbeat and mine out of touch,
out of reach
but it’s you I can’t find

Chorus 2x

bron (source): "hesselfan" (

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