Tuesday 31 July 2012

New posts at michelvanderburg.com

Apple decided with the move from MobileMe to iCloud, to stop hosting client web sites. So, I moved my michelvanderburg.com site last month to WordPress for hosting. This now also allows me easy posting, and for now new posts (as well as older content from this blog here) will be published at  michelvanderburg.com .

Update June 27, 2022 - All post from imichel.com have been republished last week on both michelvanderburg.com  and 1-memo.com . Video's embedded in posts and missing now in this blog - because they originated from my second youtube 'iClip' which was archived (thus no longer available) some years ago - have been replaced with new editions in the republished posts. Further ,  problems with links no longer working , were addressed. 

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